Hail Damage Repairs from Current Roofing

What to Do When You See Hail Damage

Anyone who has been through a hail storm knows the damage that a major storm can have. Roof hail damage in Dallas is a big problem, and can often require emergency roof repair to ensure the integrity of the building. What should you look for when it comes to hail damage, and what should you do when you see it? In general, there are three common visual signs that you have experienced hail damage to your home or business. The [...]

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Why Better Business Bureau Matters When Choosing a Roofer

When it comes to work done on your house, you need to be able to trust the company doing your work. With so many Dallas roofing companies, how do you know who can be trusted to provide high quality service? One way is through the Better Business Bureau ratings, which help show the trustworthiness of a company. The Better Business Bureau rating is especially important when choosing a roofer because it can be tougher to verify a job well done. [...]

Tips for Finding the Right Roof Contractor in Dallas

Maintenance and repairs to your roof are an inevitable part of your life as a homeowner. Your roof takes daily damage from the world outside and being diligent about its upkeep is a responsible homeowner’s strategy to avoid incurring unnecessary costs in the future. Finding a roofing contractor in Dallas that you can rely on throughout your years as a resident in the area can get you through sudden emergency repairs and annual maintenance without worries. Having a reliable [...]

Prepare Your Home For Hail Season

How To Prepare for The Upcoming Hail Season

Dallas’s hail season is quickly approaching, but there’s still time to prepare your home for future seasonal storms. Hail damage in Dallas is common but costly and unpredictable. Investing in protecting your home now will help you to avoid big repair costs in the future and can get you through sudden storms damage-free. With the right preparation, making it through hailstorm season with minimal need to call contractors in Dallas for roof repairs will keep your home and your [...]

What To Do When You See Roof Damage in Frisco, Texas

Spotting signs of damage on the outside of your home can be a real "week-ruiner". You know there are expenses ahead and the extent of the damage could be far worse than what a cursory observation can tell you. With the weather of hail season on the horizon, Frisco residential roofing is at risk of potential post-storm damage and homeowners need to be prepared. When these unfortunate situations arise, there are actions that a homeowner can take to alleviate the [...]

How a New Roof Will Help The Value of Your Home

In an area riddled with hail storms, high winds, and tornados, it is no surprise that Texas homeowners take their roof care seriously. With your home being the most expensive investment, most people will probably make in their lifetime, understanding the importance of roof care and maintenance is imperative in providing you and your home with a roof over your head. A new roof can provide stability and comfort to those high storm days to homeowners looking to re-mortgage, [...]

Dallas Roof Inspections

Common Causes of Roof Damage

In a common home inspection, the foundation, interior, exterior and roof are examined under a fine tooth comb to inspect and assess damage that could be detrimental to your overall home. In understanding damage that has the potential to get out of hand, an inspector must first establish the cause of damage. Understanding the common causes of roof damage and being able to properly establish how to correct roof damage. Dallas roofers specialize in deciphering specific patterns in a [...]

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5 Misconceptions About Roof Repairs

Being an informed buyer extends well beyond the supermarket. Learning about the ins and outs of home repair can help homeowners protect themselves against bad decisions and unreliable contractors. It also makes it easier to make those tough decisions about when repairs should be done and what those repairs should cost in time and money. Roofing repair and maintenance are the most crucial part in the upkeep of your home. Trusted North Texas roofers will offer their expertise and [...]

Commercial Roof Repairs in Dallas

Importance of Regular Commercial Roof Inspections for Dallas Businesses

Your company’s building is its shelter. It shields you, your workers and all of your equipment from the elements of nature all year round. It can take a beating throughout the day and the area taking the brunt force of it all is your roof. Your company’s roof is often the main line of defense against any and all harsh weather. Being on the front lines makes it highly vulnerable to damage. Just one crack in a bad storm [...]

What to Expect When Hiring a Roofing Contractor | Current Roofing | Dallas, TX

What to Expect When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Dallas

If your roof requires maintenance, repair or a full replacement, you are likely wondering what to expect when hiring a roofing contractor. If you are uneasy about the vetting and hiring process, don't work yourself into a tizzy. Ally with an experienced contractor with a proven track record of success and you will have nothing to worry about. Finding a Roofing Contractor: Where to Start You can find a quality roofing contractor in Dallas by asking those in your social and [...]